About Us

My Name is Kingston. I am the President and Founder of TeeBags

I run TeeBags with my not so silent partners, my parents.

I homeschool. Teebags are a huge part of my curriculum. I am learning a lot by working in my own company. Just a few of those things are:
  • Attention span, (not my strong suit). It takes about an hour to make each bag. Tying those knots requires me to stay focused. 
  • I am learning a lot about environmental science and conservation.
  • I am doing a lot of research both online and in the field.
  • I write my own content and am producing my own informational videos.
  • I am doing the math regarding inventory and income. It's more complicated than you might think.
  • I am learning some basic web design skills and how to manage sales-based social media.
  • I am working on my personal skills through outreach and sales. 
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